Convert Visitors toBooked Appointments

Engage visitors, minimise missed opportunities, answer repetitive questions, qualify prospects, manage appointments, send confirmations and reminders with our AI assistant, and handle all your bookings in one place.

What’s differrent about our approach?

The Old Way vs. The New Way

Instead of focusing on leads that drain your team’s energy, our AI assistant answers questions, qualifies prospects and books appointments immediately during natural conversations without lengthy back-and-forth cycles.

The Old Way vs. The New Way

What sets our system apart?

Differentiating Features

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI solutions, evaluating the right one can be daunting. Yet, it’s often the smallest details that unlock the transformative results. To pave your way, we’ve curated a list of distinctive features that set us apart.

Delivery Variations

Depending on how services are delivered, customers can book appointments at physical locations, schedule phone calls and even online meetings soon.

Customisable Services

You can customise how clients can book each of the services by specifying prep and wrap-up times, bookable windows and minimal cancellation notices.

Flexible Schedules

Each service provider has a schedule that combines regular business hours with date-specific exceptions to accommodate special occasions or holidays.

Smooth Transitions

Our recurring schedules have an optional expiration date, which enables a smooth transition to another one without affecting bookings during the remaining time.

Built-in Calendar

We provide dedicated calendars accessible through mobile, tablet, and desktop devices in a central location, making it easy to see who does what and when.

User Access Rights

You can set different access rights for your team. Members have read-only access to information other than their own, and admins have complete control.

Multi-Account Access

Personal accounts can be linked with multiple businesses, enabling professionals to provide services for different companies without reauthenticating.

Workload Distribution

Our system automatically spreads the workload evenly across available service providers when customers don't express their preference for a particular one.

Multi-Website Integration

You can integrate the same customer service assistant on multiple websites and channel all the bookings into a single interface to improve efficiency.

Accurate Responses

Thanks to the knowledge graph fueled by the company's data, our client service assistant always returns the most current, reliable information.


Our solution is more cost-efficient than large language models like ChatGPT and doesn't require providing API keys to access third-party services.

Partner Hub

Our recipe for success lies in cultivating partnerships between subject matter experts and augmenting them with the power of artificial intelligence.

How does our AI assistant work?

Converting Business Details into Conversations

Our system keeps track of business locations, resources, services, and schedules to generate the most current, reliable answers to common questions. It enables consumers to accomplish their goals during natural, real-time conversations.


Customers have questions, and you know the answers but want to avoid answering them repeatedly. We provide a better way of delivering them in a snap.


We give consumers conversational access to an always up-to-date availability of your services to allow them to plan their affairs more effectively.


Whether it's a last-minute appointment or a planned one, we provide your clients with flexibility, convenience, and accessibility to book the services they need when needed.


We allow customers in a rush to reschedule their appointments as effortlessly as possible to save time and improve their satisfaction with your business.


We enable your clients to cancel their appointments or services quickly and efficiently to increase the chances they come back in the future.


We reduce the number of no-shows and increase the likelihood that your customers arrive at the right time and place by sending them reminders before each appointment.

Which industries benefit the most?

Service-Based Businesses

Our AI-powered customer service assistant excels for businesses relying on subject matter experts delivering services in person, either on-site or remotely.

Healthcare and Wellness
Encompasses medical clinics, dental practices, chiropractic clinics, fitness centres, spas, and mental health counselling services.
Professional Services
Includes businesses like law firms, accounting firms, and consulting agencies that provide specialised expertise and advice.
Financial and Insurance Services
Financial advisory services, insurance agencies, and tax preparation services fall under this category.
Fitness and Beauty
Hair salons, barber shops, beauty spas, personal training studios, massage therapy clinics, and nail salons fall under this sector.
Coaching and Tutoring
Includes coaching and tutoring services, DMV, music lessons, test preparation, and educational consultation services.
Legal Services
Beyond law firms, this category includes mediation, legal document preparation, arbitration and paralegal services.

What Are The Benefits?

Organic Growth Acceleration

Augmenting subject matter experts with an AI customer service assistant propels service-based businesses to unimaginable productivity and efficiency, making the outcomes of their work more meaningful, beneficial and satisfying.

Profit Margins

Embedding cutting-edge technology into everyday customer interactions helps increase profit margins by saving time and reducing costs.

Staff Skills

Enhancing subject matter experts with AI results in better customer service and creates all-around improvements, including job security and satisfaction.

Acquisition & Retention

Fast and precise responses save the time customers need to accomplish their goals, increasing the chances of acquiring new and retaining existing customers.

Customer Satisfaction

FAQ and simple tasks automation keeps the standards high and reduces the workload, letting you focus on things that matter most for customers' satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

AI-powered interactions improve in the background to deliver better responses over time, helping you continuously grow your advantage in the competitive marketplace.

Future Readiness

With a constantly growing number of channels, the conversational revolution is happening faster than ever. You need to adapt if you don't want to be left behind.

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