Conversational Guidesto Effective Dialogues

The way people search for information and communicate online has changed. Consumers want to find helpful information quickly and continue relevant interactions conversationally. Content that isn’t interactive and leads to a lead capture form doesn’t satisfy their expectations. Conversational guides will help you adapt to this shift.

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Conversational Guide to Customer Service

Customer service is about the assistance and guidance a business provides before, during, and after a consumer makes a purchase that helps them derive maximum benefits.

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Conversational Guide to Customer Needs

Customer needs are often the main drivers behind buying decisions and motivate people to purchase a product or a service that solves an actual or imaginary problem.

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Conversational Guide to Customer Expectations

Customer expectations precisely describe and give meaning to assumptions customers have about all the anticipated outcomes of every interaction with a business.

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Conversational Guide to Customer Support

Customer support is about helping customers solve technical problems successfully and effortlessly, no matter what channel, device, or modality they decide to use.

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Conversational Guide to Online Chat

An online chat is a service that enables two-way, real-time text or voice communication between participants over the Internet as if having a face-to-face conversation.

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Conversational Guide to Multimodal Conversations

Multimodal conversations combine several forms of interactions targetting informational or emotional needs into one powerful, expressive, and cohesive experience.

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Conversational Guide to Chat Metrics

Conversation metrics are quantitative measures of various aspects of how a business exchanges messages with consumers, providing valuable insights into their needs.

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Conversational Guide to Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic speech recognition is an interdisciplinary study of spoken language focused on identifying voice, recognising words and converting them into text.

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Conversational Guide to Speech Synthesis

Speech synthesis is an artificial production of spoken language used to communicate with users when reading on a screen is either not possible or inconvenient.

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Conversational Guide to User and System Intents

An intent signals that either a user or a system wants to take the initiative in the conversation to satisfy relevant needs or expectations in the customer journey.

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