Company | Chatomiser



We make digital conversations universally accessible, engaging and useful.


We help people achieve better results by augmenting and complementing their abilities with the power of artificial intelligence.



We believe that there's a whole set of innovative solutions that can be built if the knowledge and systems augmenting human capabilities are more accessible, and so much more that training, technology, and collaboration with partners can do to make the outcomes of work performed by humans more meaningful, beneficial and satisfying.


We believe that the future is going to center around teaching and enabling people to allow them to reach their full potential. We lower the barrier to enable more people to enter, frame challenges through the lens of possibilities, and elevate through the power of shared experiences and storytelling to inspire people to learn more, dream more, and become more.


The combination of smart people and smart robots is becoming more visible all the time. Not only does the machine continually get smarter, but so does the human. Smart automation is not just the route to cost savings, but also to better types of work. It can enhance every person by automating work that keeps them from a higher value contribution.


We believe that a polite greeting, a warm word, and a helpful reply all make people feel better. We are certain that every conversation leaves a mark and brings an opportunity to help everyone feel welcomed and appreciated and to build long-lasting relationships. We strive to fill the online world with positive, engaging, and useful conversations.